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Screen printing

Screen printing

Screen printing is the most popular method of printing on t-shirts or other types of clothing. It is based on applying the paint directly on the t-shirt through a stencil, which should be prepared in advance, and then the image is fixed thermally. In the screen printing each color is applied to the garment separately and for each of the stencil a separate matrix should be prepared. Expenditures for the preparation of screen printing due to the materials used and the complexity are relatively high, and yet the image itself is relatively cheap. Marking garments using screen printing is especially recommended for large quantities.

Water, plastisol and solvent inks are widely used for screen printing method. As a basis we use the color template Pantone, but CMYK technique is also frequently used and that allows us to get photo quality printing. There are interesting additional methods in screen printing, used for the enrichment of traditional prints on T-shirts: for example, HD or Hi-Square (3D-effect), which allows to achieve the volume of the entire image on clothing, maintaining smooth surface and sharp edges, Puff () – under the influence of temperature paint with this expanding ink foams and raises the print off the garment creating the effect of three-dimensional image, gloss gel – it is usually a colorless layer, which simulates the effect of dew or water droplets used for refining the image on t-shirts. Nowadays mixture of techniques is quite usual, for instance, a picture itself is taken in CMYK, inscription is printed according to a particular Pantone color, some elements are indicated with the use of gel or glitter and graphic elements are raised by application of Puff or HD.

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