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Computer embroidery is a technique where primarily a denser fabric is required, such as polo shirts, fleece clothing, jackets, bags, caps, as in this case, the fabric is not contracted. We also use non-woven lining to prevent it. Best thing to do embroidery. Ideally embroidery is done on yet cut parts before sewing then it is easier to pull the fabric on a special lace-frame. Embroidery is a very stable method, ennobling clothes and giving them a professional look, but it is not the best method to display the fine details of complex graphic forms, as thread thickness would put a limitation. Our product range presents a very large selection of thread colors which will allow us to match precisely the desired color. Embroidery techniques can produce a wide range of effects: some have a flat surface while others produce a relief effect.

Computer embroidery price depends on the number of punctures a sewing machine needle does, as the number of punctures determines the density of stitches, the use of threads, and the time the machine works. When creating embroidery, number of colors does not matter. A cost of creating an embroidery pattern which depends on the size and complexity of the drawing must be added to the final price. Such an embroidery pattern can be changed in size +/- 10%. Any more substantial changes require another pattern.

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